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Mature vocalist/guitarist looking for band or Bass player and Drummer Wanted in longbenton, newcastle

Mature Guitarist/Vocalist looking for a band or other musicians in Lonbenton/Benton area. I am 61 and been gigging on and off for years and worked with good musicians. Would enjoy performing Rock & Roll, sixties, seventies, possibly eighties and a few modern songs,plus some blues & rock. From the Shadows, Chuck B, Small Faces, Stones, Beatles, Bad Company, Undertones, Bowie, plus many others that hopefully we can enjoy, I would be happy to give most things ago.
I moved here in August from Wiltshire and would like a bass player and drummer to start, possibly more members. Please get in touch if you fancy the above or if you are a band and you think I could fit in with you, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Live demo’s can be heard on Youtube:-

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Genres: Blues, Rock & Roll, sixties,rock, and anything played well Influences: Everything
Level of Commitment: Any
Minimum Age: 25
Maximum Age: 100