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Vocalist, piano/ keys Wanted in manchester

OK, looking for a great vocalist/lyricist/ song writing partner and perhaps a piano/ keys player. If you can do both all the better!
I apologise in advance for waffling on, but I want to be as clear as I can be on what’s happening and what I’m looking to achieve.
I’m an experienced, mature guitarist just in the process of tying up the loose ends with my previous (signed) band. We were signed to a tiny label, but nevertheless someone else paid for us to record some music. There are links to some of our stuff here, but it is important to realise that what I now want to do will be significantly different.
Essentially the sound I’m aiming for is to try to blend the vibe and sensibilities of 60s/70s film soundtracks (especially those by John Barry) with a dash of Ambient, Shoegaze and Post Rock, a sprinkle of Post Punk together with a bit of blues, jazz, indie and more. Strong melodies and imaginative musical themes and hooks. Often slow, quiet and reflective with lots of space together with occasional explosions of pure noise and power. Plenty of dynamics and drama. Minor key verses with uplifting major key choruses perhaps. You get the idea?
I can’t really put forward any bands that do exactly the same sort of thing, however these examples have different elements of the sound I want to create, but you will need to use your imagination! Listen to the Felt Mountain album by Goldfrapp (but imagine guitars rather than synths), Euphoria by Howling Bells (from about 1:49 specifically), Boy Child by Scott Walker, My Least Favourite Life by Lera Lynn, Catch The Breeze by Slowdive, Cry My Eyes Out by Amy Lavere and any of John Barry’s 60’s themes and instrumental soundtracks.
I’ll be honest and say that I do have a preference for a female vocalist, but I can certainly be persuaded otherwise. What is important is that you can sing with dynamics and sensitivity and create memorable melodies and lyrical ideas. You may see yourself in another genre altogether, but so long as you ‘get’ at least some of what I’m trying to convey, it could work well.
For keys. Mainly piano/ organ and ‘natural’ sounds . Not really interested in epic synth pads and electronica. Nice chords and simple melodies where needed and appropriate.
Age is unimportant, but a good attitude is. I’ve been around a long time; I’m old but I’m not a Dad Rocker! We need to be seen as ‘relevant’ as a band, so I’d suggest that our vocalist needs to have the look and confidence of a front person too.
I have plenty of raw instrumental material and ideas to work on. I’d like us to create a handful of top notch songs, record a couple and get them out there with some gigs on the back of them. No guarantees, but I have picked up some contacts along the way, so we should at least get a fair listen.
Let’s have fun, be the best that we can be and see where we go.
Contact me at philh (at) firstcap (dot) freeserve (dot) uk

Here are some links to my previous band's stuff, but do remember that I'm looking to create something somewhat different.

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Genres: Alternative, Soundtrack, post rock, shoegaze, post punk, indie, rock, ambient Influences: John Barry, Scott Walker, Elbow, Doves, Radiohead, Magazine, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Howling Bells, Slowdive, Barry Adamson, Goldfrapp, Richard Hawley, Tindersticks, Cocteau Twins etc
Level of Commitment: Serious/Committed Band