Browse and manage favourite tones, control your amp, share tones with the community. Jam to video backing tracks.

Supported Amps:

  • Positive Grid Spark 40

Web Version

New Try out the web version (beta) - use Google Chrome, MS Edge or other web browsers which support Web Bluetooth. iOS/Safari not supported.

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Note: This software enables some experimental FX not supported by the official Spark app. Storing presets to the amp with unsupported FX may stop the official PG Spark app working until you replace the preset on the amp.

Screenshot of Soundshed App

Desktop software for Windows, macOS and Linux

This free software installs as an app on your computer and is an alternative if the web version doesn't work for you. Download the version for your operating system:

Get Involved

To discuss the app features and share ideas, visit the community discussion on GitHub.

You can also check out the code and suggest changes:

Spark 40 and Positive Grid are trademarks of Positive Grid Limited - Soundshed is not affiliated with or endorsed by Positive Grid.

Image Credits: Burning Guitar Photo by Dark Rider on Unsplash